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Operation Range
Standard Specification
Arm length First arm 200mm
Second arm 180mm
Operating range First arm 180
Second arm 240
Z axis 70mm
Wrist 240
Maximum speed Arm 2.3m/sec(composition)
Z 260mm/sec
Wrist 1200/sec
Position repeatability }0.02mm
Number of controlled axis 5 axes simultaneously (X, Y, Z, Wrist and solder feeder)
Control system PTP, linear interpolation (absolute coordinate, relative coordinate)
Speed settings PTP 30 step/Linear interpolation(abs,coordinate,rel coordinate)
No of data storage 500 steps (approx.150 soldering points x14 programs)
Outer data stroage system Host computer (RS-232CFUSB)
Program input (display method) Teaching box
Host computer
Programming(Indication method) Outer input
Teaching box
Host computer
General-purpose input 8 points (additional 8 points as option/pugradable)
General-purpose output 8 points (NO, NC x 4 points + NO x 4 points)
(4 points out of 8 can be changed to control input.)
(Option + 8 points)
Control input START, STOP, AUTO, JOG, JOG STEP, HOME, Program No. specification, Program No. Input
Control output AUTO, BUSY, HOME, TEMP RADY, Limit Error, Soldering Error, Solder Feeding
Data storage Battery back-up
Driving mothod 6-axis stepping motor
Weight Robot main unit
Controller 8kg
Power 100V 50Hz/60Hz
Air supply 4kg/cm².G
Solder feed amount 0 ` 99.9 mm (0.1 mm step)
Solder feed speed 1 mm/sec ` 90 mm/sec (25 steps, 2 motion)
Solder feed repeatability }3
Temperature settings 150 ` 450 (}5% automatic, 1 step)
Solder diameter 0.15 mm ` 1.6 mm (Optionally)
Heater capacity 130W-260W-390W (Ceramic heater)
Iron tip cleaning Air blow
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